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Work It Out: How To Minimize Eczema Flare Ups at the Gym or on the Job

Morning exercise offers many benefits, but for people with eczema, hitting the gym and then going to work presents a complex set of challenges. Getting hot and sweaty can lead to flare-ups. The breakfast you eat for post-workout energy may do more harm than good. And after a heavy workout that taxes your body, the…

While exercise has many benefits, for those with eczema, going to the gym and then heading to work presents an additional challenge. Flare-ups can be caused by getting too hot or sweaty. Your post-workout breakfast may cause more harm than good. After a hard workout, stress from deadlines and other pressures at work can trigger eczema.

The bottom line: You need a strategy to keep your eczema under control if you want to get back on track at work.

Enter Matt Knight. He is one of London’s most coveted fitness experts. Knight was inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book “Diesel” and began bodybuilding as a teenager. He became a trainer at a local gym in his early 20s, but the business closed down. He also sustained a shoulder injury which prevented him from exercising. Knight soon found himself suffering from severe eczema throughout his body. He also had foot flare-ups, making it difficult for him to walk.

“I used to stay awake at night scratching,” he recalls. “I had it so bad on the soles of my feet, they were cracked and bleeding, and I was on antibiotics.”

Knight went from doctor to doctor but didn’t find much relief – until he figured out on his own which foods sparked his flare-ups. The flare-ups disappeared when Knight changed the foods he ate. Knight discovered ways to exercise without getting eczema flare-ups. This allowed Knight to regain his job, which significantly reduced his stress levels.

Now in great shape, Knight is eager to help others who are looking to get fit, stay on the job, and prevent skin problems. Here, he offers three keys to managing your eczema at the gym and then heading off to a productive and itch-free workday.

1. Keep Cool and Clean

When Knight realized that constant patch tests didn’t solve the problem, he read up on his condition, noted what seemed to bring on flare-ups, and tried to eliminate his personal triggers. Knight admits that it is hard to feel hot and sweaty when you exercise as much as Knight. Knight came up with a post workout solution. “What I do after a workout is to get as clean and cool as possible. If you suffer from heat-aggravated eczema, a quick soak in cool water can be a great idea. The key is, don’t let it go on

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