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These simple Netflix tricks will make your recommendations even better

The bad headlines that have mounted around Netflix over the last several weeks — stemming largely from the streamer’s first reported quarterly subscriber drop in more than a decade — are going to get even worse soon. That’s because, among other things, Netflix is forecasting even more people will cancel their Netflix accounts during the…


The bad headlines surrounding Netflix in the past few weeks, mainly stemming from the streamer’s first reported quarterly subscriber loss in over a decade , are only going to get worse. Netflix, among others, is predicting that even more people will cancel Netflix accounts in the current quarter.

In my opinion, cancelling an account is usually done for one of the following reasons. Content and cost.

The first of these, however, you have no control over. Netflix determines the price and you have two options: pay it or not. The second reason is that subscribers who cancel often do so because they feel like they spend too much time scrolling and don’t find anything interesting on .the service. To at least slightly improve your Netflix content selection, there are a few small tweaks you can make that don’t require any major changes.

How to fine-tune your Netflix account recommendations

To get better recommendations by Netflix about what you should watch next, do these two things.

1) Do you remember the thumbs-up icon that is attached to every Netflix title’s main tile within the app? You can hover over the icon to bring up both a thumbsup and thumbs down icons. After watching the content, simply tap on the one that suits you best. Do not close the content you are watching and then go on. Netflix will learn more about your preferences by taking a moment to click on one of the icons.

2) You’ll also need to follow the same steps on a web browser. Click on Netflix and then the menu at the top right. Click Account and then click Profile & Parental Controls. Finally, click the account icon. You’ll then see a list listing all titles you have viewed. You will see an icon to hide the title from your history. It will signal Netflix that you don’t like the title and it won’t be recommended to you.

That’s all for now. These two simple steps should help you have a better Netflix experience.

I’m going to end this post by offering my part in fine-tuning Netflix and hopefully influencing the streaming giant to provide more targeted picks. In particular, I would like to recommend two titles (one documentary and one TV series) that I have enjoyed a lot on Netflix. These titles feel like largely undiscovered gems, at least in the US streamer market.

Snabba Cash

The title of this Swedish crime drama translates as “Easy Money,” a theme that relates to the nonstop hustling at the heart of this show in which the lives of a super-ambitious businesswoman, a troubled teenager, a crime boss with a familial connection to the businesswoman, and the boss’ enforcer that she ends up falling in love with all intertwine. The writing here kept me hooked and always wanting the next episode immediately, the action scenes are quite suspenseful, and over time you come to understand the full measure of wh

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