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The Internet is Laughing at a Man Who Rides Roller Coasters

Whether you love them or hate them, it’s pretty hard to remain neutral on a roller coaster. Still, one man has gone viral for his hilariously nonchalant expression, no matter the ride.After a comment from his wife, Reddit user u/pimack created a collage of his face while riding various coasters. Posting the snaps to the…

It’s hard to stay neutral when you’re on a roller coaster. One man’s hilariously casual expression has made him viral, regardless of how much he rides.

After receiving a comment from his wife Reddit user, u/pimack made a collage of him while riding coasters. He posted the photos to the r/funny forums and wrote, “My wife says I look miserable while riding rollercoasters. Turns out, she is right after a recent trip to Orlando. “

The ride photographs were captured on a recent trip to Orlando, and fellow Redditors couldn’t get enough of the man’s disinterested vibe, with the post receiving over 13,000 upvotes and nearly 400 comments.

FBI_Agent_82 said: “You look more like an android that can’t find the file on how to react on a Rollercoaster. “

Confusinghuman wrote: “resting coaster face. “

Generico300 joked: “These look like pictures from a hostage situation at the DMV, not a rollercoaster. “

While teytah commented, “Damn that bottom right one made me day. “I’m going to do the …’ woo. Some users compared Redditor with hard-nosed characters of pop culture.

Referencing the sitcom Parks and Recreation, Bugmeister2121 said: “You look like a younger version of Ron Swanson trying to figure out how to enjoy an uncomfortable situation. “

Whereas Kingoflint thought the image on the top left resembled “grumpy Aaron from the Walking Dead. “

Quotes from Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher)–the famously straight-laced police captain from Brooklyn Nine-Nine–were also popular, with SlashCo80 writing: “I had fun once, it was awful. “

User Santier added a quote from Holt: It was something I requested. “

Roller coasters are a huge draw for the industry of theme parks. The title of “world’s tallest and longest roller coaster” will soon be bestowed upon the upcoming Wonder Woman Flight of Courage ride, expected to open this summer in California’s Six Flags Magic Mountain’s DC Comics section. However, the world’s fastest-accelerating coaster–the Do-Dodonpa at Japan’s Fuji-Q Highland–was suspended in August 2021 for causing broken bones.

Theme-park enthusiasts attempted to guess which of the roller coasters pimack was on in the photos.

ReplayMe guessed “Dinosaur”, Slinky Dog Dash and Rock n Rollercoaster. Expedition Everest. Is that correct? “

To which the poster replied, “Almost!” The last one I believe is Seven Dwarves, but you nail the rest. “

Although his face might suggest otherwise, pimack stated in the comments that he actually loves roller coasters.

Asked by YourDadWasAGoodLay: “Do you like roller coasters?” “, he said: “I love them, I don’t get wh

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