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8 available NBA free agents teams should be paying attention to

NBA teams are 99% finished assembling their opening-day roster and all of the big-name and mid-tier free agents are off the board. That 1%, though, can make a difference. Many teams are still clinging to a few open roster spots, and others can create an opening by cutting a non-guaranteed contract. Here are a handful…

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The 10 Best NBA Free Agents Who Can Still Help Contenders

A lack of available salary-cap space around the NBA made this a somewhat unusual free-agency period. Many players had to be acquired through sign-and-trades, minimum deals and cap exceptions…

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Top 10 Unsigned NBA Free Agents Right Now

Free agency has slowed to a crawl, if not an outright halt. The eternal optimism emanating out of the Las Vegas Summer League is fading from a thick, blanketing smog to a translucent vapor…

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Agents: Knicks extend Randle for $117 million

Knicks All-Star forward Julius Randle has agreed to a four-year, $117 million contract extension — elevating his deal’s total value to five years and $140 million, his agents, Aaron Mintz and Steven Heumann of CAA Sports, told ESPN.

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The 9 best remaining NBA free agents right now

Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images We’re keeping track of the best remaining free agents here. NBA free agency got off to a furious start from the moment the moratorium window opened on Tuesday at 6 p.m. ET. Within minutes, Lonzo Ball was going to the Chicago Bulls, Kyle Lowry was going to the Miami Heat,…

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Eichel’s Agents Push For a Trade

Eichel’s Agents Push For a Trade The latest salvo in Jack Eichel’s standoff with Buffalo Sabres management came Friday when his agents released a statement critical of the club’s handling of his treatment for his injured neck. Whether the gambit prompts general manager Kevyn Adams to trade the 24-year-old center remains to be seen. Replying…

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Undrafted NBA Free Agents 2021: Rumors and Predictions for Biggest Names

There are a lot of talented college basketball players across the country. Plus, there are exciting players across the international ranks. And these days, some players go straight from high school to the G League, many of whom have NBA potential…

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Agent’s Take: Sizing up Stephon Gilmore, Xavien Howard situations, with solutions for the disgruntled corners

Here’s how things could play out for the AFC East’s pair of unhappy star cornerbacks

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Iranian Agents Are Facing Charges For Their Role In A Plot To Kidnap A U.S. Journalist

Federal prosecutors in New York charged five foreign agents backed by the Iranian government for their roles in a stranger-than-fiction plot to kidnap a U.S. citizen and journalist critical of the nation’s regime. The 43-page indictment unsealed Tuesday details the plan by an Iranian intelligence official and his three assets to track a Brooklyn-based journalist…

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2021 NHL Free Agents: Latest Rumors and Predictions for Notable Names

The 2021 Stanley Cup Final is over. The Tampa Bay Lightning closed out the series on Wednesday with a 1-0 win over the Montreal Canadiens, unofficially kicking off the NHL offseason…