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Ezra Miller Arrested in Hawaii…But They Will Use The Footage For A NFT

The popular actor Ezra Miller allegedly filmed their latest assault “for NFT crypto art”. The news comes after yet another violent incident; this time, the star was arrested for presumably spitting on a bar patron. As the incident circles, the globe so does Mille’s passion for NFT assaults.Actor Ezra Miller allegedly filmed all of the…

Popular actor Ezra Miller is alleged to have filmed their latest assault “for NFT Crypto Art”. This news comes following another violent incident in which the actor was allegedly seen spitting on a patron at a bar. The incident is circling the globe, and Mille’s obsession with NFT assaults continues to grow.

image of actor Ezra Miller
Actor Ezra Miller allegedly filmed all of the incidents involving assaults “for NFTs”. Credits: Twitter

What did Ezra Miller film for their NFT content?

The police arrested actor Ezra Miller in Hawaii. Miller was seen spitting on a patron at a bar. Exclusive footage shows that “The Flash’ star said the victim was actually a “Nazi” in exclusive footage. According to the actor, the victim was insulted because of their Jewish religion.

The bar patron claimed that Miller was playing darts and then suddenly spit on the actor. The footage of the arrest also features Ezra angrily asking the police officers to show their badge numbers.

Furthermore, Miller told the police this is their second experience of this kind at that location. Surprisingly, Miller also has video evidence. But why?

“I film myself when I get assaulted for NFT crypto art,” Ezra Miller said in a statement.

screenshot of an Ezra Miller arrest footage possibly used as NFT
So far, the popular actor didn’t release any NFTs after getting arrested. Credits: TMZ

Did the actor release any NFTs yet?

At this moment, there’s no evidence suggesting that Ezra Miller released any NFTs. Their latest incident in Hawaii could make it a unique collectible.

If Miller launches his own NFT collection he will join a long list of famous NFT collectors. For example, Chris Brown launched his debut NFT collection: “The Auracle”. Digital artworks depict a superhero with time-traveling abilities.

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