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Biden is ending Trump’s war on green appliances, but not very soon

President Joe Biden’s Department of Energy continued reversing the Trump administration’s assault on energy efficiency standards this week by undoing rules that would have allowed certain models of dishwashers, clothes washers, and dryers to use unlimited water and energy.  Advocates for energy efficiency applauded the move but argued that the Biden administration has not been…


President Joe Biden continued to reverse the Trump administration’s attack on energy efficiency standards by continuing to reverse this week’s Trump administration’s assault. This included removing rules that would have allowed certain models of dryers, clothes washers and dishwashers unlimited water and energy.

Advocates in energy efficiency applauded this move, but claimed that the Biden administration is not moving fast enough to reverse the damage done by former President Donald Trump to appliance standards. They demand that the Department of Energy overturn Trump’s rules and start setting new, stricter standards.

“While this Trump gimmick may be a necessary step, the administration still has to undo several Trump rollbacks, and begin updating standards for dozens more products,” Andrew deLaski (executive director of the Appliance Standards Awareness Project), stated in a statement.

The Trump administration created a new product category for washers and dryers. They will have a shorter cycle and are exempt from existing efficiency standards. Trump claimed it would encourage faster appliances. However, many clothes washers and dryers already had shorter cycle times and that met the efficiency standards. Many appliance manufacturers opposed Trump’s rule change. Since it was finalized, however, no major manufacturer has attempted to exploit the loophole.

Strong efficiency regulations lower consumers’ energy bills, cut carbon emissions and aid in the transition to renewable energy. As Americans move away from using gasoline-powered cars and fossil fuel-burning furnaces and boilers to heat their homes, they will become more dependent on the electricity grid. The country can reduce the strain on the grid by ensuring homeowners buy the most energy-efficient dryers, lightbulbs and other products.

On his first day in the White House, Biden signed a executive Order authorizing agencies to report on actions taken by his predecessors that were not consistent with the new administration’s goals to protect the environment and combat climate change. The Department of Energy identified 13 actions that were related to appliance efficiency standards. It would then consider “suspending or revising” these actions by the end of . It had not made it to the top of the list by the end last month.

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